The Spirit of 2010 Trail is the first segment in the creation of world class recreational rails to trails product that will stimulate the development of incremental tourism infrastructure and incremental tourism visits across a significant portion of British Columbia. The Spirit of 2010 Trail is 750 kilometres in length and there is the potential to convert over 2000 kilometres of rail trails in total. The rails to trails movement has become an accepted model in North America for sustainable economic development in rural and urban areas. It is the conversion of former railway corridors into world-class recreational trails for use by cyclists, hikers, equestrians and Nordic skiers. It has enabled primarily rural communities to develop a sustainable business case for economic development using rail trails.

All of the corridors along this trail run through, or adjacent to forest dependent communities adversely affected by declines in softwood lumber trading. The Spirit of 2010 Trail network will enable the economies of the affected communities to lessen their dependence on traditional primary resource industries and develop new direct and indirect spending through incremental visits from international, national and regional visitors and local jobs.

The trails will serve as a meeting place for the community, provide a tourist attraction and foster local pride through the preservation of heritage and culture.