The Welcome at Wildjack Mobile Casino Can Put $1621 in Your Account

Wildjack Mobile Casino is one of the oldest and most respected mobile casinos.  It carries a large selection of classic casino games from Microgaming.  It also works seamlessly with its parent Wild Jack Online casino for PC so many of the benefits of gaming at the mobile casino also are equally available at the PC casino.  But before we get into those details let’s talk about the three main reasons mobile gaming at Wildjack Mobile Casino is quickly becoming more popular than PC gaming.

Wild Jack Delivers Ease

Reason number 1 is convenience.  You don’t have to boot up your PC to play at Wildjack, the mobile casino Canada.  You download an app and, as everyone who has a smartphone knows, apps don’t take up a lot of space on your mobile device.  There are some excellent elements that are present on the PC casino that aren’t on the mobile casino but you can easily access them because when you join Wild Jack mobile, you also join the PC casino.

The Wild Jack Learning Centre

For example, there are tutorials of all the games available on Wild Jack.  These tutorials can be found on the PC casino.  As Wild Jack for PC has hundreds of games, it’s fitting that all the tutorials should be in one place. 

A Straightforward Gaming Venue

So the mobile casino is direct and to the point.   This means that when you have some spare moments you can take the “casino” out of your pocket and in a second or two, you’ve accessed the casino in the same way that you access any app.

Mobile Helps You Maintain Your Bankroll

Wild Jack mobile runs many daily promotions that appear randomly on the screen.  Of course, they are simultaneously offered to both PC casino gamers and to mobile casino Canada players.  However, it is more likely that you’ll see the offers on your mobile screen than on your PC screen.  By accepting the many deposit bonus offers the casino makes, you’ll be able to keep your bankroll steady and strong and you can play and win with the casino’s money!

Great Aesthetics

Reason number 2 is the amazing attractiveness of the games on Wild Jack mobile.  Mobile casino games were not always known for their aesthetic appeal but today the fantastic quality of graphics, animation, and sound on the mobile casino games at Wild Jack makes them as pleasing to play as any casino game for PC.

Microgaming continues to reformat their top casino games for mobile.  This task will continue to be an ongoing project as Microgaming has hundreds of classic games and reformatting for mobile is a painstaking endeavor.   Every game you can play at Wild Jack Mobile Casino is awesome in its aesthetic quality.

This is especially true of the slots games that Microgaming adapted from hit movies or television series.  Game of Thrones demanded the very best in graphics, animation, and sound.  The eerie music sets the mood perfectly, exactly as it does on television. The flying dragons and flaming eggs are just two of the animated scenes you’ll see on Game of Thrones mobile. You won’t realize that the screen is somewhat smaller because the animation is so realistic.  Finally, the symbols and characters are all rendered in such high definition that you’ll get caught up in the pursuit of power, exactly as the story intended!

Kick Off Your Shoes

Reason number 3 for the burgeoning popularity of Wild Jack mobile is comfort.  As good as the chair you sit in to play at your desktop computer is; and as light as your laptop is; nothing quite compares with the comfort you feel when you curl up on your favourite chair or sofa to play mobile casino games at Wild Jack mobile.

Two Casinos and One Account

Let’s return now to the many aspects of gaming at Wild Jack where the PC casino and the mobile casino work in tandem.

Welcome Package

New gamers benefit from $1621 in cash gifts and deposit bonuses.  It begins with a $5 no deposit bonus.  Then you begin to deposit and you can earn four separate deposit bonuses in the first week after you make the first deposit.  You also get $16 more in cash gifts.

  • The first deposit brings a 100% bonus for up to $250 and another $5 gift.
  • The second deposit has a 50% bonus for up to $250 and an $11 gift.
  • The third deposit gives you a 50% bonus for up to $500.
  • The fourth deposit has a 50% bonus for up to $600.

You can deposit at either casino because you have a single account for both together.

In all cases, when you accept a deposit bonus offer, you can use the bonus money at either casino.


We discussed daily promotions above.  The casino also runs monthly promotions which are set up to make as many gamers as possible winners.  You can play and qualify in part at one casino and complete the qualification process at the other because… have one account for both casinos together!

Loyalty Club

One way players qualify for prizes in the monthly promos is by accumulating a reasonable number of loyalty points.  Every bet you make becomes loyalty points and when you have enough you’ve qualified for that week’s prize in the monthly promotion.  Of course, the loyalty points you collect from playing at the mobile casino and those you collect at the PC casino go into a single account!

Your loyalty points accumulate with every bet you make.  You can cash them in for money or use them to accept deposit bonus offers.  The more loyalty points you have, the better the bonus offers will be.


You can send money into your account from either casino.  Canadian players have many banking methods in CAD at Wild Jack.  All your casino banking, from deposit to withdrawal, is fully protected by encryption.  For this purpose Wild Jack uses encryption that is as good as that used by big online financial corporations.

Customer Service

Canadians can access the customer support centre on a 24/7/365 basis.  You can reach a well-trained representative via chat, email, or toll free telephone.  Now you know the many reasons that Wildjack Mobile Casino continues to grow and attract satisfied new gamers every day!